The Germans are coming!

25 April 2013 12:53

If you would have asked at the beginning of the Champions League which two teams would be in the Finals, I never would have predicted two German teams. I would have been hard press to include Bayern Munich much less Borussia Dortmund. With how well Barcelona, Real Madrid and PSG have been playing this year, they truly were considered the favorites. Those days are over and the Germans have arrived. Let’s just say it and say that the Bundesliga has completely dominated and it is all over but two meaningless semi-final legs in Spain.

Robert Lewandowski was a one man wrecking crew after his historic four goal performance. His third goal showed the quality that teams will be clamoring for in the summer transfer market. Every time he scores, the transfer fee continues to rise and he should be the biggest signing this summer.

Lewandowski, 24, whose contract expires next season, has already refused to extend his time at Dortmund. Dortmund has announced that they hope to keep their striker and sign him to a long term contract. Though there is always a chance of this, it is slim at best. If he plays half as well as he did tonight in the second leg at the Bernabeu, then all bets will be off and Lewandowski will be playing elsewhere next season with a lot more money in his bank account.

As for Bayern, say what you will about how poor the game was managed by the Referee but Barcelona have no one to blame but themselves. They spent more time waving offside’s at the Line Judge than defending properly and Bayern made them pay, time and time again. Bayern dominated, intimidated and just out classed the Spanish side in most aspects of the game. Barca was attacked and attacked again giving them little opportunity to gather themselves and put together any real attacks of their own.

If Barca and Real Madrid come back from this and one of them are able to get through to the Finals than miracles are real or someone took a huge bribe. I cannot see either one of these events happening but as I said before, football is a funny sport and anything can happen. Especially since the two greatest players in the world will be on the pitch and will want to redeem their teams failure in Germany.

Source: DSG