Sam protests his innocence

24 September 2006 12:09
Bolton Wanderers manager Sam Allardyce is concerned that his reputation has been damaged by accusations of bung taking in the recent Panorama programme on BBC1. Allardyce, and his former agent son Craig, were accused of taking illegal payments but the Bolton boss insists he has done nothing wrong. "I don't know what damage it has done for me, but I don't think it will go on and on - I think things will be sorted out pretty quickly," he told The Sunday People. "I've done nothing wrong but things like this can stick, even if nothing is proved. "It's hard to say what might happen on that score - I just have to concentrate on football and let my legal side look after that. "I haven't been tempted to walk away, no way. That would have looked as if I was running away, so that has never entered my mind."

Source: ESA