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Pulis: Reid can Trot off to Bolton

01 Jan 2010 11:16:45

Pulis: Reid can Trot off to Bolton

Reid, who is currently Pulis' assistant manager at Stoke, is the bookmakers' favourite to take the reins for the Trotters. Pulis would be happy to see Reid return to management in his own right if Bolton came in for him and he wanted to leave the Britannia Stadium. "If Peter came to me and said he wanted to be a manager again, there's no problem," said Pulis. "If people think there is something out there that was better for themselves, I would always go with them. "I don't know about the speculation. "If it's the case, I would be desperately disappointed if Peter doesn't speak to me first and Bolton didn't speak to this football club first." Next Permanent Bolton Manager. Click here to bet.


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