Harrison to sue BBC

22 September 2006 08:52
The agent at the centre of the bung storm has said that he will sue the BBC for the allegations that were made against him in Panorama's investigation into football corruption. Peter Harrison is alleged to have made illegal payments to Craig Allardyce, the son of Bolton Wanderers manager Sam. Sam Allardyce has already begun legal proceedings against the BBC and Harrison told the Daily Express: "I've never given bungs. I've not given a bung to Sam Allardyce. I've never given a bung. I shall be suing the BBC. "I haven't heard from the FA. I shall be carrying on as an agent and I shall be doing whatever the FA want me to do. "Yes, I've paid Craig. I've never denied it. But Craig is a FIFA agent and in some deals there can be as many as four or five agents, so why shouldn't I pay Craig?"

Source: ESA