Coyle cools Gallas assault claim

22 January 2010 12:37
Bolton boss Owen Coyle has admitted his "assault" blast aimed at Arsenal's William Gallas was "a bit strong" after reconsidering his reaction to Wanderers' midweek defeat at the Emirates Stadium. The Trotters lost 4-2 on Wednesday night but the game was overshadowed by a post-match war or words which flared up between the two clubs. Coyle was furious that Gallas was not sent off for a late lunge on Mark Davies which left the midfielder nursing damaged ankle ligaments. Referee Alan Wiley's decision not to even award Bolton a free-kick and the Gunners going on to score an equalising goal while Davies was grounded further angered the visitors. But a calmer Coyle has now retracted his incendiary comments, saying: "Maybe an assault was a bit strong. "But he certainly caught the lad. I don't think that any professional, and I'd certainly hope not, goes to purposely hurt another player, but it was mis-timed - there's no doubt that it was badly mis-timed. "Mark Davies paid the price for that and we did as a team because, with a player lying on the ground, they have scored an equaliser." Speaking about the extent of Davies' injury, he added: "Thankfully it's not broken but there is ligament damage there and it will certainly rule him out of this weekend. "We'll be giving him extensive round-the-clock treatment and he was terrific the other night with his performance levels so he's a player we would like back in our squad as quickly as possible. "We'll see what the weekend brings, but he's a young lad and a quick healer I'm led to believe."

Source: ESA