TEAMtalk's Top Five 'Handbag Moments'

30 August 2010 05:16
TEAMtalk's Simon Wilkes recalls famous on-pitch 'handbag' moments in the light of Jussi Jaaskelainen's ridiculous slap on Roger Johnson.

Even Peggy Mitchell would've been proud of Jaaskelainen's 'handbag slap' on Birmingham defender Johnson at The Reebok on Saturday - and it got us talking here at TEAMtalk Towers about previous on-field bust-ups.

The Bolton goalkeeper saw red for his petulant reaction to Johnson's physical challenge for the ball, with some TEAMtalk readers up in arms that something like this can still happen in the professional game and calling for a lengthy ban as punishment for the custodian.

Some of us are getting on a bit so can remember quite far back, and in case you missed them, here are our most memorable 'handbag' moments.

Kieron Dyer v Lee Bowyer: Newcastle were in disarray and had just gone 3-0 down to Aston Villa at St James' Park.

There was discontent and anger in the stands as the Magpies capitulated - but the scrapping was on the pitch!

As Newcastle pumped a long ball forward, Bowyer and Dyer appeared to have what we'll presume was a 'heated debate' about their team's dismal display, and clearly couldn't come to a satisfactory conclusion as they then grappled each other's throats, with Bowyer landing two right hooks before Gareth Barry bravely stepped in to pull Bowyer away from the melee.

Both players saw red, with Bowyer looking like 'The Hulk' as he trudged off with a ripped shirt, and although they later apologised for their conduct, neither said sorry to each other. Unbelievable scenes.

Click here to watch Bowyer v Dyer!

Ricardo Fuller v Andy Griffin: Now we all know that Fuller falls into the 'maverick' category as he's a hothead that can produce a moment of magic. But there was nothing magical about the way he decided to display his displeasure at Stoke captain Griffin's defending for Carlton Cole's goal for West Ham at Upton Park a few seasons ago, with the burly Hammers hitman easily outmuscling the diminutive defender before smashing the ball home.

As the Potters prepared to kick off in the centre circle, Fuller started walking towards Griffin who was trudgling up the pitch and unloaded a verbal volley before following it up with a 'good clip round the earhole' as my dad might say. Fuller was also sent for an early bath and even refused to take any blame after the steam had stopped coming out of his ears, saying after the game that Griffin was solely to blame after he 'disrespected' him.

Click here to watch Fuller v Griffin

Emmanuel Adebayor v Nicklas Bendtner: It's fair to say these two were never room-mates during Adebayor's time with Arsenal, but their feud came to a head in a north London derby - and it all started with shoes!

Sadly it wasn't a Sex and the City-style fight over a new pair of Jimmy Choos - no, Bendtner had infuriated Adebayor by continually turning up at The Emirates wearing 'house shoes'.

I'll let Mr Adebayor explain: "There was a rule at Arsenal where no one is allowed to come into the dressing room with trainers or house shoes on. I cannot understand why Nicklas came every day with his [house] shoes on. but he [Bendtner] never took them off and things started from there."

If things started there, they firmly finished on the pitch when the Gunners were losing 4-1 to arch rivals Tottenham. Adebayor allegedly head-butted Bendtner, although video evidence was inconclusive and Adebayor escaped punishment from the FA. Bendtner was left with a bleeding nose, however, so you draw your own conclusions.

Jeremie Aliadiere v Javier Mascherano: This is as petulant as Jaaskelainen's handy work. Aliadiere was walking backwards and bumped boots with Liverpool's Argentinian, ahem, 'hardman' Mascherano, who clearly took offence at something the Middlesbrough striker said and proceeded to pinch him on the nose. The Frenchman upped the ante with his retaliation, slapping Mascherano in the face (come on admit it, something we've all wanted to do at some point - even Reds fans), for which he received a red card. Ridiculous.

Click here to see Aliadiere v Mascherano

Bruce Grobbelaar v Steve McManaman: We've gone all the way back to 1993 for this bust-up - but it's worth it and it gets in ahead of Graeme Le Saux v David Batty as we've got the clip for you. Liverpool keeper Grobbelaar went ballistic at McManaman after his weak clearance gifted arch rivals Everton a goal in the Merseyside derby - but the streaky wideman stood up for himself and gave an earful back. That did not go down well with the fiery Zimbabwean, who pushed McManaman rather firmly in the face. McManaman half-heartedly retaliated but soon realised it'd be a one-sided bout if they took it any further and quickly scarpered away. A sensible decision.

Click here to watch Grobbelaar v McManaman

Can you remember and describe any other famous on-pitch bust-ups? Let us know through the 'add comment' facility.

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