Olsson: Accidents will happen

25 March 2009 03:30
West Brom defender Olsson claims he was elbowed by Davies in Saturday's game but that it was an accidental clash. It was a case of the situation being reversed after Olsson was cleared of deliberately elbowing goalkeeper Robert Green during the previous game with West Ham at Upton Park. Olsson said: "I have been eating ice cream for three days! I have had six stitches (in the mouth) and it has made eating and talking interesting. "I got an elbow from Kevin Davies but I think unintentionally. I gave one away in the West Ham game and now I have had one back! "It is uncomfortable but it is healing. It is a contact sport and you take the knocks. It is all part of the game. You give a few away and you get a few back. It is how it should be." Olsson has returned to the Baggies side for the past two games after a knee problem and has formed a solid-looking partnership with Shelton Martis. The Swede is optimistic Albion can still avoid relegation despite their current precarious position - seven points adrift of the safety zone. Olsson is aware West Brom have to pick up at least four points from their next two games with Stoke at home and Portsmouth away to revive their hopes. He said: "I still genuinely believe we have a really good chance. I think we are playing well and looking for that win to really get in contact with the teams above. "If we take four or six points from the next two games, then we are really in contention again and everyone else starts to feel us coming. "It would add some pressure to their game and I still believe we can stay up. "Of course, you can't close your eyes from reality or the facts. We are bottom of the table and if you ask someone, 'Who is going to go down?', they are going to say us, of course. "That is just the reality. I can see why people say we can't stay up. But within the club and in the changing room, I genuinely believe we can do it."

Source: Team_Talk