Megson: Trotters won't ease up

14 March 2009 12:59
Wanderers are considered by many to be safe from relegation but Blackburn's midweek win over Fulham means there is now only five points between Bolton and third-bottom Portsmouth and Megson will make sure his players know they cannot afford to ease up.[LNB]"Everyone seemed to be saying Bolton will be fine and everything is hunky dory down at the Reebok but it is not," he said.[LNB]"This division has been like this right the way through the season and how people are talking about how many points you need and who's going to be safe I don't know.[LNB]"Anyone who sets themselves a points target is in danger of getting their fingers burned.[LNB]"I don't know how you can sit down and work out a formula for what it will take. It is entirely different this year to any other year.[LNB]"Blackburn got a fantastic result the other night and they pulled out of the bottom three but it now means third from bottom has 28 points, which drags in a couple of teams above ourselves who will be looking over their shoulders.[LNB]"But the league is that daft that if we get a decent result you think you have gained on the bottom three and you also get a bit nearer that seventh place.[LNB]"You get a couple of good results and people say you can get into Europe and you lose one and they say you are looking over your shoulder."[LNB][LNB]

Source: Team_Talk