It's top secret: Kevin Davies

16 April 2011 02:23
Kevin Davies of Bolton [LNB]Who is your sporting hero? [LNB] Bryan Robson. [LNB] What would you be if you weren't a sportsman?[LNB] Teacher, probably. I got nine GCSEs and I always enjoy visiting schools.[LNB] Which other sportsman would you like to be? [LNB] Lee Westwood. When I was left out of the England squad, he texted me, saying: 'Keep doing what you're doing. You've worked incredibly hard to get where you are.' [LNB] Career highlight?[LNB] Playing for England against Montenegro at Wembley. [LNB] ... and the worst moment? [LNB] The end at Southampton. I couldn't convince Gordon Strachan I was worth a place in the team.[LNB] If your house was burning down, what one possession would you save?[LNB] I'd pick a photo from my childhood, with all my family around me. So many memories. [LNB] Best advice you've been given?[LNB] Sheffield United released me as a 15-year-old, and I doubted whether I'd make it. My older brother, Andrew, drove me on. He said I had the potential to reach the top. [LNB] Favourite karaoke song? [LNB] I've tried to avoid it since being stitched up at Chesterfield. I was young, just sitting quietly when one announced: 'Kevin Davies is going to do Tiger Feet by Mud!' I've been mentally scarred ever since.[LNB] The most-listened to songs on your  i-pod?[LNB] I like Rihanna, especially What's My Name? [LNB] Last film you saw? [LNB] Due Date.[LNB] Last book you read? [LNB] I'm reading Alan Sugar's autobiography. I can identify with the money-making schemes he came up with as a kid. The manager of my first junior team had a meat stall. I scrubbed the blood off the walls for ?5 aday![LNB] Highlight: Kevin Davies in action for England against Montenegro[LNB] Favourite pre-match meal? [LNB] Pasta and a bit of scrambled egg.[LNB] Can you cook? Best dish?[LNB] My beef casserole generally goes down quite well. Not with my wife, though - she's vegetarian! [LNB] Your favourite holiday destination? [LNB] We went to Bahrain last year and made friends with Prince Nader Al Khalifa! He's a Spurs fan and he recognised me as we watched a local tournament. He asked if I'd play for his team. It was 42 degrees, but I did a bit of training and played the next day. We've been friends ever since. [LNB] In a film of your life, who would YOU like to play you? [LNB] Russell Crowe.[LNB]What's the most expensive thing you've ever bought? [LNB] At Southampton, I splashed out six figures on a Ferrari. It wasn't worth that much by the time I got round to selling it. [LNB] Tell us a secret...[LNB] I could have had a career in basketball - I played for Sheffield. And I was javelin champion of Sheffield at 15.[LNB] Kevin Davies has set up his own charity, Kids of Bolton, to raise funds for disadvantaged, disabled and other youngsters in the Bolton area. Visit [LNB] Power and the Rory! I knew it was getting out of hand when they asked me to throw a Christmas pudding over a double-decker Steinsson hails 'lunatic' Jaaskelainen ahead of FA Cup showdown[LNB] [LNB]  Explore more:People: Rihanna, Gordon Strachan, Kevin Davies, Bryan Robson, Russell Crowe, Alan Sugar, Lee Westwood Places: Montenegro, United Kingdom, Bahrain

Source: Daily_Mail