Gartside to propose plans

21 April 2009 01:34
Bolton Wanderers chairman Phil Gartside believes having a second Premier League would kill two birds with one stone. The Trotters supremo is presenting a plan to his fellow chairmen on Thursday to introduce a new Premier League system of two, 18-strong divisions, including the likes of SPL giants Rangers and Celtic. Gartside believes that having a smaller top flight would enable the league to shut down over winter while allowing more gaps in the schedule for the England team. Gartside needs 13 of the remaining 19 chairmen to agree to progress his radical proposals, although he has controversially hinted relegation could be scrapped from Premier League II. "You could have 36 Premier League clubs split into 18 and 18, and that would also solve the problems of the winter break and supporting the England team," he told the Manchester Evening News. "It would even everything out and it would make it more competitive on that basis. "We have already got to the situation where the three clubs that go down from the Premier League are usually the three that come up, although a couple of others might sneak in. "I don't have the answers but it is certainly time for a debate - perhaps even on not having relegation from a second division of the Premier League."

Source: SKY_Sports