Fabrice Muamba news: He speaks and breathes independently

19 March 2012 11:02
'He is now able to breathe independently, without the aid of a ventilator and he is able to recognise family members and respond to questions appropriately,' said the statement. 'These are positive signs of progress.

'However, his condition remains serious and our medical staff in intensive care will continue to monitorand treat him. His family and club would like to thank the media for continuing to respect their privacy at this time.'

Chelsea midfielder Michael Essien revealed Muamba had spoken to him in both English and French.

Earlier, Bolton said Muamba had movedhis arms and legs but warned 'his long-term prognosis will remain unclear for some time.' Given that Muamba's heart stopped for two hours after his collapse, there remains fear he may have suffered brain damage.

The news came shortly after a friend of the player, Curtis Codrington, revealed Muamba had spoken 'minimal words in English and French, which is better than nothing'.

Source: Daily_Mail