Brighton striker Ashley Barnes sent off for deliberate trip on referee Nigel Miller against Bolton

10 March 2013 01:24
In the dying embers of the Championship clash at the Reebok Stadium, with his team trailing 1-0, frustration got the better of 23-year-old Barnes. As this video shows (from 50 seconds in) the ball was hoofed up to him in the Bolton half but intercepted, and as the opposition charged away from him, and referee Nigel Miller races to keep up with play, Barnes petulantly stuck out his foot in an odd attempt to trip the official over. Not a wise move. Miller stumbled but regained his balance, and immediately showed the player a red card, pointing him in the direction of the changing rooms. A Bolton official who spoke to the referee, who did not speak to the media after the game, confirmed that Barnes had been sent off "for misconduct, trying to trip the ref". Brighton manager Gus Poyet was - understandably - not pleased, especially as Barnes will now have a four-match ban. He said: "In football sometimes you do things that regret after. He knows what he's done and I'm not going to kill him, you try to make sure he controls himself better the next time."

Source: telegraph