Bolton rule out moves for Jimmy Bullard and Denilson

15 January 2009 10:51
Denilson is out of contract, having left Palmeiras last month, and has recently spent some time training with the Wanderers squad.[LNB]However, having cast his eye over the 31-year-old, Megson decided he was not the type of player needed at the current time. [LNB]Megson has also admitted he made an approach for Bullard last week but was priced out of a move after being told by Fulham that his valuation of the player did not meet their expectations.[LNB]Megson has moved on to other targets after deciding he did not want to pay what Fulham were asking for a midfielder they bought for £2.5 million from Wigan in 2006. [LNB]"Loads of agents have been offering him (Bullard). Players are supposed to have one agent, and I can tell you I've had five now saying they represent Jimmy Bullard," said Megson. [LNB]"I spoke to Alistair Mackintosh last week and got it from the horse's mouth what the position was. [LNB]"I mentioned a figure to him, and he said it wouldn't be acceptable - so we move on. [LNB]"There was no point on going any further because there was no common ground, and everything that is going around at the moment is untrue. We have moved on - that happened a week ago." [LNB]Of the decision not to sign Denilson, whose £21.5m transfer to Real Betis in 1998 was then a world record, Megson explained he does not think he could fit the player into his plans. [LNB]"It wasn't a trial, because that is a bit demeaning for a player of that class," said Megson.[LNB]"We got a call saying 'would we like to have a look at him?'. He wasn't fit, but his class and quality was there for all to see. [LNB]"But there are other parts of his game that we didn't feel we would be able to use to our advantage and would be able to complement everyone else. [LNB]"We have spoken with his people and said we won't be going any further. [LNB]"He is a fantastic person and didn't come here as a 'big time Charlie'. He mixed in with everyone else - and if anyone rang me up about giving him a reference he'd get nothing but positives." [LNB][LNB]

Source: Telegraph