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    West Ham v Leicester - 20th December , Kick Off 3.00pm

    right, hams. not to be greedy, 3-0 would be just enough. the idea, steely, being that carroll scores a couple, secures the result and comes...

    18 Dec 2014 09:40
    Spurs - Value For Money

    Tbf, this is just a distraction, we should be grilling West Ham for their hilarious lack of success. success is relative. i've seen...

    18 Dec 2014 09:39
    Newcastle v Sunderland - 21st December , Kick Off 1.30pm

    We walloped Newcastle in the league cup last night, but they were playing a lot of second choice players, including a 17 year old keeper who...

    18 Dec 2014 09:17
    Premier League Prediction competetion 2014-15 - Round 14

    Round 16 Man City V Crystal Palace 2-0 Aston Villa V Man Utd 1-2 Hull V Swansea 1-2 QPR V West Brom 0-2 Southampton V Everton 1-2 Tottenham...

    18 Dec 2014 09:13
    Aston Villa v Man Utd - 20th December , Kick Off 3.00pm

    Aston Villa are getting uncomfortably close to the relegation zone, the loss to the Baggies must have been a real blow to the fans. Funny, b...

    18 Dec 2014 08:59