Hayley Wheeler - Foul-mouthed Rooney should never change

06 April 2011 10:52
For someone who dislikes attention from the media, Wayne Rooney does himself no favours when it comes to leading a quiet life.

From his wayward antics off the pitch to his offensive rants on it, it would be easy to overlook the fact that Rooney has clawed his way back to form and is beginning to find the back of the net and playing in the fashion we have come to know and expect from him.

England's talisman lifted his team from a 2-0 deficit at half time against West Ham last weekend by comprehensively slotting away three fine goals. He then proceeded to shout four letter expletives into the television camera, a celebration which has earned him a two match suspension and will potentially see him miss the FA Cup semi final against Manchester City if his appeal is unsuccessful.

The punishment of a two match ban seems particularly harsh and perhaps a fine would be more appropriate, or it could even be dealt with internally within the United camp. This will not only be a massive loss to United but a disappointment for the neutrals who will be expecting the usual fiery encounter that these two teams endeavour to produce.

His outburst was apparently due to his emotions spilling over and it's easy to understand why. His personal life is not only endlessly taunted by away fans, but he has become answerable to the media for his recent poor form and off-field antics.

He was made a scapegoat for the shortcomings of England at the World Cup and his personal failings would have deeply affected him. The emotion that would have been built up over the past season, facing constant questioning from his critics about why he wasn't performing to his best would have been almost crippling.

It is also easy to forget that Rooney is only 25-years-old and still has valuable lessons to learn in self-discipline and control. And regardless of his status in the game and the fortune he earns, he is still going to be susceptible to errors of judgment and juvenile behaviour.

However, it is easy to blame the media for the pressure they put Rooney under and he does seem to invite such unnecessary criticism with incidents such as this, and similarly at the World Cup where his outburst into the camera about the fans lack of loyalty caused outrage.

Of course, no one can condone his behaviour, from his on-field tantrums and occasional flailing elbows, to his misdemeanours in his private life. But his passion and enthusiasm for the game make him the player he is, and he needs to learn from this and remember his role model status before he lets his emotions get the better of him.

Source: DSG

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