Charlie Webster - Should managers be given more time?

By 04 February 2011 09:30

The frenzy of managerial sackings and the silly season kicked off not so long ago, Sam Allardyce one of the men to lead the way. It seemed for that few weeks the majority of the time when I was presenting and writing it was on the speculation and rumours of which manager was next to go and who would take who's place.

Liverpool joined in on the action with Roy Hodgson, Sheffield United, Crystal Palace, Burnley, my list could go on. Now this week I've come away on my holidays and both Sheffield Wednesday and Brentford have followed suit albeit a little bit later than the trending week of sacking a manager.

Now the topic of managers comes about again because I thought it was interesting what Sir Alex Ferguson wrote in his recent programme notes about the length of time give to managers and how it's becoming increasingly less and less. Sir Alex said that isn't it time that the LMA started educating owners and CEO's of football clubs in the need for continuity. Is Sir Alex right, should the LMA provide courses for club owners? Should they be compulsory? More importantly would it actually make any difference?

Going back to Brentford and the sacking of Andy Scott, he ironically during his period of success was touted as a possible future England manager. Scott lifted Brentford into promotion on a shoe string and now after a run of poor results has fallen from grace. On the line of future England managers it seems to be a common theme. Take Aidy Boothroyd when on a high at Watford he was talked about as a future England manager with huge potential then his luck runs out and so does the chat about his future international managerial status.

How can you speculate the England manager with such uncertainty around mangers? So would Fergie's idea of education help develop and protect managers and future England potential managers at that?

In my recent interview with Micky Adams he said that he will only be judged on results, which is fair enough at the end of the day the survival of a club depends on results. Sheffield United find themselves in the relegation zone and Adams has yet to win a game under his reign. If, it pains me to say this being a Blade, but if Sheffield United were to get relegated at the end of the season would the Sheffield born boss be shown the door? Or would he be given the chance to rebuild the club and regain Championship status? If the Blades, Crystal Palace and Preston all got relegated would their newly appointed managers all find themselves out of a job?

Is it any wonder why Gareth Southgate for instance has taken a coaching role with the FA rather than seeking a return to management? When I last spoke to him just before Christmas he was adamant he wouldn't go back.

Is it any coincidence that Gary Speed chose country over club taking an international role rather than staying with the everyday pressure that comes with club management?

How about Jose Mourinho? Real Madrid, at this stage in the season have more points played per game in the record of the club's history, they are in the final of the Copa del Rey, in the knockout stages of the Champions League and second in the table. However the pressure on Mourinho is evident. Is it all because Real are second to their rivals Barcelona? Would he be under the same pressure if it was Valencia or Villarreal at the top of the league?

Looking into the weekend is there going to be another dismissal on the cards? I'm sure Mourinho is safe despite the recent frustrations showing. However closer to home down at Swindon the pressure is seemingly on Danny Wilson. Who knows what might happens if he doesn't produce that win?

Source: DSG

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