Charlie Webster - Manchester City millions set to buy success

31 December 2010 10:13
When I first started thinking about writing this blog, I was going along the lines of 'will Manchester City be the last team to buy the Premier League title?' Who could possibly top the investment of Sheikh Mansour? Surely Premier League spending has to stop somewhere?

As a bit of a worrier I'm concerned that the transfer market has been ruined for the smaller clubs, correction the clubs with less money. I'm convinced one day the whole thing will just implode on itself a bit like the London housing market.But would we have predicted that the likes of Roman Abramovich and Sheikh Mansour would come along?

Going a bit further back did anyone actually think that anybody could do a 'Jack Walker' again? So I decided to change my angle just a little bit. Will Man City be the latest club to buy the league?

I'm quite fairytale in my views - I hate the fact that sometimes money can buy success. In fact I will never believe that money can buy success no matter how much evidence there is to show otherwise.

I was brought up in a very modest environment and was always taught that it was hard work and passion that leads to success, which I truly believe.However when it comes to the Premier League, my view does seem fairytale!

The top teams have money to buy the top players in the world. Has money always been the deciding factor? It would appear so, well it most certainly has lent that way since the Premier League formed in 1992. You can go back to the days of Everton who were labelled 'The Mersey millionaires' when Sir John Moores pumped his Littlewoods Football Pools cash into the Toffees side of 1974.

Jack Walker then reaffirmed that it is possible for a club to come out of nowhere spend some money and win the Premier League title in 1994/5. Blackburn broke the then British transfer record with Alan Shearer for £3.3m then Chris Sutton for £5m. They made some shrewd signings to be fair but how else would they have won the title without the money injection?

Mark Hughes last season said how else were City going to possibly compete other than with a whole load of spending of the big bucks? Last year was the challenge of breaking into the top four, they were near enough with 5th, so now this season, 2010/11, they can be crowned Champions.

No matter who you support, it's clear to draw parallels between what's going on in Manchester and what happened at Chelsea a few years ago. Back in the summer of 2003, when Roman Abramovich first graced our football lives, the London club spent £120m on players.

The plan was to buy in-form players and if they can't cut it quickly get rid and buy more, no skin off their rich noses. Glen Johnson, Damien Duff, Wayne Bridge, Hernan Crespo, the list goes on. Shaun Wright Philips was playing well for City then Chelsea snapped him up but then he got pushed out by more purchases and has ended up being surplus to requirements back at City.

Craig Bellamy was on fire last season for Manchester City but now he doesn't even warrant a place in the squad.The club have been looking for that 2nd striker and it looks like Edin Dzeko will be on their books soon enough despite the fact they already have Emanuel Adebayor, Roque Santa Cruz and Jo. They will most likely move in the January transfer window and City will no doubt buy more.

Never mind their spending activity - the Blues can win the Premier League this year because their squad is massive, not just big but full of quality too. They have the strength in depth needed now as injuries start to creep in thanks to the packed out winter fixture list. Compare Chelsea's bench lately to Man City's - Roberto Mancini's has been better by a mile.

Will Manchester City be storming the Champions League next season after winning the Premier League title this season? I'm sure the views are mixed out there. Brian Kidd said this week that the title is Manchester United's to lose but if City continue their spending after Champions League qualification then this time next year it could well be the other way round.

As for me, my New Year starts a little bit lower down in the football echelon with Micky Adams. Happy New Year!


Source: DSG

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