Charlie Webster - Mischievous Mourinho continues to entertain

26 November 2010 07:30
First things first - just like Bovril, I love Jose Mourinho.

So did Sergio Ramos and Xabi Alonso deliberately incur red cards? UEFA’s disciplinary unit certainly have their suspicions, choosing to open a disciplinary case against the Spanish duo, Mourinho and goalkeepers Iker Casillas and Jerzy Dudek.

I think everybody knows the Madrid quintet are guilty and I think everybody knows that what they did was premeditated and most definitely the idea of Mourinho. The actions of the two players were a result of orders from the main man, the special one himself.

Similar to the team orders in F1 - when Ferrari gave Felipe Massa the message to let Fernando Alonso through - the same ideals apply. Isn’t there such a thing as the spirit of the game? And isn’t there a clause in the laws of the game about entering into the spirit of the game?

Who and which governing body has the position to take the moral high ground anyway? Sportsmanship, loyalty and integrity, I think these are qualities that not only Jose and his players should be reminded of. If this does apply then surely both Ramos and Alonso will get their suspensions extended.

I know it’s morally wrong and I’ve mentioned sportsmanship (which I one hundred percent believe in) but I did find it pretty entertaining watching Mourinho work the system to be one step ahead. I think it's class how ballsy he was to do it so obviously in front of everyone. Saying that, at least he didn’t take us all as fools by trying to hide it.

Maybe we should be questioning the system rather than the man who finds it so easy to work it to his advantage. Come back to the Premier League soon please Jose.

I have to mention, while we are on the subject of integrity and sportsmanship, I coached a group of 18 under 9’s the other night and I was slightly disappointed how many dived all over the place and play-acted to their hearts content.

I soon put a stop to that, it’s something I really dislike in the game and I wish football players would realise how much their actions influence kids. I don’t think any of the young players I coached will be play acting again after that session!

Back to Real Madrid and I’m really looking forward to the famous ‘El Clasico’ on Monday evening. I have been lucky enough to go to Barcelona v Real Madrid twice - one in each of the team’s stadiums. The first one I went to was at the Santiago Bernabeu, I was presenting on it albeit with full on tonsillitis but there was no way I was going to miss that opportunity.

Real Madrid lost 3-0, Eto’o and Ronaldinho scoring the goals for Barcelona. I’m sure you can imagine what the atmosphere was like at the Bernabeu, the Ultra Surs were going mental and the feeling seemed to spread amongst the rest of the fans.

Myself and the players had to hide in the stadium while carnage went on outside. Glass bottles were lit and thrown at anything and everything in sight and chants against the players and manager were loud enough to wake the dead. I thought I’d seen it all being brought up on the Sheffield derby!

Jose may have used Ramos in a theatrical role on Tuesday but against Barcelona he will be back to his full time job I’m sure. The left is Barcelona’s weaker side and I’m sure both Ramos and Mourinho will be well on top of that.

Hala Real Madrid.


Source: DSG

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