Charlie Webster - Sheffield Wednesday can be great once again

22 November 2010 09:11
I know I'm a Sheffield United fan and it may seem a bit strange to write about the club I was brought up to hate, but I am from Sheffield and I’m a life-long football supporter and it’s that part of me that feels sad and disheartened by what is happening at Sheffield Wednesday.

Anybody who has the best interests of Sheffield, as a City and community at heart, would want both football clubs to be competitive and flying high. Plus, on a selfish note, I don’t want to have to wait another season to see a derby game. Local derbies were the highlight of my football youth being brought up in the Steel City but I'll leave some of my stories for another day.

When I was at school the Owls were the club which were flying high in the first division. I’d say I was outnumbered a fair bit being a Blade and landed a good share of the stick. Of course I never jibbed at the Wednesdayite’s. I was good as gold me! s

I spoke to somebody inside the club today and they literally haven’t been told anything about what is going on and it’s still very much a waiting game. They had a meeting scheduled for Friday afternoon to decide whether to start paying people that they owe money to.

It’s amazing and quite scary for all us football fans out there that a club with 143 years of history and a famous ground, (although it’s the wrong colour - I’m only joking) can fall like this.I mention all football fans because it could happen to any club, without meaning to sound depressing.

Take Manchester City, of course they have fallen on their feet with billionaire owner HH Sheikh Monsour bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, but what if he gets fed up and pulls out in the future? He would leave the club with huge debts and an endless problems to overcome.

I don’t want to scare City fans but it’s the reality. We have to be careful that English football doesn’t start to implode on itself.The problem with the Hillsborough club is that from a business point of view it’s more attractive to buy the club after administration. Who would want to come in and invest money into clearing debt?

The investment should be into the club and the players. On the other hand if an investor lets the side go into administration and lose the 10 points which surely would write off any chance they had of getting into the play-offs, surely that would start the relationship on the wrong foot.

Let’s make this more positive now, I think that there is still money to be made from Sheffield Wednesday. There aren’t a lot of clubs left that have the loyal fan base and attendance that has the potential of roping in 30,000 plus each game.

Sheffield Wednesday is a big club. I don’t think they need a ‘sugar daddy’ to come in and pump loads of money in to them. The Owls need somebody to come in and implement a plan so the club can run at a profit and be sustained and in the long-term.

I’ve not been very well lately with an ear infection maybe it’s that and the anti-biotic’s that made me decide to comment on Sheffield Wednesday in this way, most definitely a first. On a serious note though I hope somebody comes along to save them, plus my best mate's an Owl and my Granddad too so I don’t like seeing them down.

I’m not so sure Milan Mandaric is going to be the man though as he is in a similar situation as Harry Redknapp with tax evasion accusations hanging over him.

Good Luck Sheffield Wednesday.


Source: DSG

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