Charlie Webster - Ronaldo antics must be stopped

05 November 2010 10:17

Watching Real Madrid in the Champions League during the week made me seriously cringe. Although they are my team in La Liga, I couldn't help but be reminded me of a certain saying from when I was a nipper, 'the boy who cried wolf'.

Cristiano Ronaldo somehow makes me think of the poor little shepherd boy in the old tale. I don't get how he could possibly play-act like that and not feel like a complete fool and totally embarrassed.

Referee Howard Webb must have watched the replay back in pure astonishment, just like I did when I was at Sky Sports the next day. I actually got a bit obsessed with it and kept watching it over and over again. I just thought it was so funny, but in such a non funny way as this kind of behaviour needs to be eradicated from the game.

I have to admit it did give me a little bit of secret pleasure to watch Ronnie make a fool of himself, probably because I'm a bitter Sheffield United fan sat at the wrong side of the table, in the wrong league with no chance of Champions League football.

I do wonder whether Ronaldo was bothered and if he held his head in shame like any other person would under those circumstances would do. Or maybe he just didn't care, after all he is an incredible footballer who from the outside looks to have it all.

It's sad that morals then appear to go out of the window. I'm very passionate about sport and do a lot of work within grassroots schemes, including football, and it, if I'm honest, bloody frustrates me to see such a blatant act of cheating. What a bad example to young footballers who we are trying to teach respect to and to play a fair game.

I also wonder if Jose Mourinho said anything to the Portuguese star after the match. I seem to remember a certain changing of loyalties when Mourinho defended Didier Drogba while at Chelsea and then when the ‘special one’ left, he said Drogba was a diver. Is that just solid player protection or hypocrisy?

To make it even more ironic, in October 2008 Mourinho was quoted as saying "Drogba, Ronaldo, Torres and Van Persie are the divers." I wonder if he would say that about Ronaldo now or install his famous player protection?

Think back to last season when Mourinho was Inter Milan boss and his side beat Barcelona in the semi-final, a result which he hailed as 'the greatest moment of his career’.

Sergio Busquets play-acted just like Ronnie, clutching his face and looking up to see the referee's reaction. It clearly meant a great deal for Mourinho that his team still managed to get through despite Thiago Motta being sent off as a consequence of Busquet's behaviour.

It does make you think whether the gaffer will give Ronaldo some serious grief behind closed doors about his what he did on Wednesday evening. Italy have just started to bring in a system to fine players for diving, let's get some common rules in place across the board to stop footballers attempting to ply their talents in acting on the field and save their Hollywood screen tests for another time.

Surely fair play endears players to the fans and cheating alienates them? If we had won a World Cup with a hand of god type goal would we have been as proud?Put simply we need to bring sportsmanship back into football.

To finish on a positive note of fair play, remember when Robbie Fowler won the UEFA fair play award? The referee thought Fowler had been brought down by then Arsenal keeper David Seaman and pointed to the spot, but Fowler admitted he had not been fouled and argued that the decision be reversed.

Although he still had to take the penalty, doesn't that make you feel so much nicer than sat watching the antics of Ronaldo?


Source: DSG

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