Charlie Webster - Steve McClaren for England

08 October 2010 12:46

I was thinking that I should really write about Liverpool this week as the ownership of the club has hit the headlines big style.

Sitting on a train in the middle of the week there were at least three groups harping on about 'Hodgson this.Dalglish that'.

With one group it turned into a seriously heated debate. At one point I was desperate to join in but thought I would get slated when they found out I was a Sheffield United fan!

Then to top it off, the piece I was doing on BBC Football Focus this week has been postponed because the Liverpool saga had to be added into the show. Boo! Ok I'm being a mardi bum.

Now even though I do have a soft spot for Liverpool after watching their incredible Champions League glory in 2005, that spot has hardened this week. I do want to say good luck to the fans though - the end is in sight.

Now I've got that out of the way, didn't you think it was a bit strange when Sir Trevor Brooking backed Steve McClaren as a possibility to succeed Fabio Capello? At first I thought that it had be a joke.

Is there that little managerial talent out there? Or is it that nobody is stupid and mad enough to take the England job? Why would McClaren even consider it after the FA hung him out to dry and the public, including myself, ridiculed him?

Maybe I'm been too quick to judge and should accept that people do make mistakes, and that a second chance should always be given. After all, a first ever title for FC Twente and now a managerial role with Wolfsburg proves that McClaren is on the up.

However, will he ever be able to reach redemption back in England, and will we as the public be able to forgive him? Surely the FA should too learn from their mistakes of rewarding under performing managers with massive contracts. Does the FA seriously have to pay £6m a year to get somebody to take the job?

The reason Capello is still manager is because it was too expensive for the FA to let him go in the summer after our dismal South African campaign. It's a disappointment that here the determining factor seems to be money. Ironically the Italian himself blamed money on England's problems, especially the off-field ones.

McClaren could have been exactly what England needed if he had waited a while and taken the job later. He was a highly rated coach who was progressing nicely and learning the ropes in management.

Sir Alex Ferguson's right-hand-man, an impressive campaign as Middlesbrough manager and a Dutch title. Take away McClaren's time as England boss and he has a pretty impressive CV!

Doesn't this all sound familiar though? Sir Bobby Robson got caned by the media, with tabloid campaigns to sack him as England manager and then accusations that he was unpatriotic after taking a job abroad.

Robson did however go on to win titles in Holland, Spain and Portugal and turned the England job down again on more than one occasion. So is Sir Trevor Brooking laying the foundations for this not to happen again?

I for one would quite like Steve McClaren to come back as England manager and show us, the English public, he is made a sterner stuff, with a successful 2014 World Cup.

Ok, so now I'm re-writing the future but in all seriousness he can't do much worse than this past summer and I think we should support the cause for an English manager.

After all, isn't the World Cup supposed to be about patriotism and passion for your home country?


Source: DSG

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