Elevenses - The Burmese dictator who wanted to buy United

07 December 2010 10:49
Elevenses has a heavy Manchester United theme today, leading off with the story linked Burma's dictator to a bid for the club.

According to a report in The Sun, Than Shwe contemplated a £634 million offer for United - in an attempt to win over the Burmese public and lift moral.

The news comes courtesy of WikiLeaks, and suggests Shwe's grandson was pushing him to make the offer in 2009. But Shwe ultimately decided it would be inappropriate so soon after 140,000 people died in a 2008 natural disaster in Burma.

- - -

Meanwhile, Manchester United have planned a James Bond themed party for their Christmas doo.

The bash will be called 'A Night in Monte Carlo' and come complete with casino tables. Wags will also be invited.

Elevenses can only assume Sir Alex Ferguson will sit in a large chair stroking a cat.

Source: DSG

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