Elevenses - When is a humiliation not a humiliation?

30 November 2010 10:30
Elevenses has never had a great sporting rivalry, let alone a one built on decades of fierce competition and with heavy political undertones.If we did, we're pretty sure losing 5-0 would count as a humiliation and be extremely hard to swallow.

Five-nil in most peoples' books is a humiliation. It's a romp, a rout, a roasting.Of course there are exceptions. If Elevenses' Sunday League side took on Barcelona and lost 5-0 there would be call for riotous celebration.There would probably be a public holiday in the area. We'd swallow that down like a glass of honey tea with extra honey.

But when you position yourself as a true rival, losing 5-0 is nothing short of.well, a hard-to-swallow humiliation.

Elevenses was rather bemused, therefore, to read Jose Mourinho's reaction to last night's El Clasico mugging at the hands of Barcelona.

Watch brilliant Barcelona put five past hopless Madrid.

"This is the first time I have ever been beaten 5-0," the Special One said.

"It is a historically bad result for us. It is not a humiliation but I am very disappointed. It is sad for us.

"But it is not difficult for me to swallow. What's difficult to swallow is when you lose a game because you have hit the post or the referee has been bad. I have left here in that state before with Chelsea and Inter Milan but that was not the case tonight. It is easy for me to take because it is fair.

"We played very, very badly and they were fantastic. We gifted them two goals that were bordering on the ridiculous. It is our own fault."

Interesting take on things Jose. Very interesting.

Source: DSG

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