Elevenses - Rooney embraces his inner Shrek

24 November 2010 11:04
Elevenses loves making fun of footballers, but you've got to hand it to the rare specimen who's big enough to parody themselves.

Step up Wayne Rooney, who was pictured arriving at Glasgow airport carrying something other than the obligatory leather holdall and giant headphones.

Wazza was carrying a plastic bag, a plastic bag covered in pictures of none other than Shrek - the very same big-eared, filthy ogre who is often cited as Rooney's look-a-like.

Was it a lucky coincidence? Or has Rooney found a new humility after his recent 'troubles'? Has the England striker learned to embrace his inner Shrek?

The pictures got Elevenses thinking. How many other big-name stars of the game would be capable of such a statement of self parody?

Can you imagine Ashley Cole turning up at the airport dressed in a suit made of £50 notes? Or Joey Barton in prison clothing? How about Jamie Carragher in an England shirt? Maybe Andy Carroll and Kevin Nolan ready for a three-legged race? Ryan Shawcross carrying a scythe? Or Kevin Davies as a giant yellow card?

Come on footballers of England, it's time to find the humour in this ridiculousness you inhabit. Elevenses is today dressed as a journalist.

Source: DSG

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