Elevenses - Jose Mourinho will never retire

23 November 2010 10:51
Jose Mourinho recently said he was no Harry Potter, but the Special One's magic could be in the air for a lot longer than the bespectacled schoolboy.

Mourinho says he has no intention of retiring, and plans to carry on coaching for as long as he can. The Real Madrid maestro cited Sir Alex Ferguson as his example for longevity, pointing towards the Manchester United manager at a gala dinner on Sunday night.

“Like this man, I will never retire. The best quote of this season so far is when he said he was too old to retire," Mourinho said.

“That will be in my 60s. I will not retire. Never. He is incredible. I have more grey hair and wrinkles, yet he looks exactly the same as he did when I first met him.”

Mourinho added that the Real job was his destiny and he was desperate to build something special in Spain. He also said he was happy with the job he did at Porto, but felt he stayed too long in the Chelsea job.

The Special One might have won Champions League titles at Porto and Inter Milan, but he maintained his most special achievement was building a relationship with the fans of the clubs he's managed. And he hinted at a return to England.

“My greatest achievement is not winning the Champions League with different clubs, or the Premier League with Chelsea, it is my relationship with supporters," Mourinho said.

“That is special and I cherish that. I miss England more than you miss me. I love everything about England and will return."

With his affection for Fergie all too public, surely Manchester is the obvious destination for Mourinho's England return.

Source: DSG

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