Elevenses - Roo's behind you! Wazza the star in United panto

22 November 2010 10:21
Manchester United's youth team are reportedly leaning heavily on Wayne Rooney's troubled private life for material in their Christmas panto.

The teenagers will perform their production to United players and management at the club's training ground, and Rooney could be in for quite a bashing. According to The Sun, the panto goes by the working name of 'A Yuletide Fag-Gate', referring to the £200 Rooney allegedly paid a hotel staff member to bring him cigarettes while he cavorted with another woman.

A Sun source said: "The lads have plenty of material to work with. There are certainly a few worried first team members and Wayne will be left squirming.

"They have a few ideas, it's just too good an opportunity to resist. Wayne is a good sport and it won't be the first time he's been on the receiving end. He should prepare for the worst."

But it's not all bad news for Wazza. Patrice Evra has publicly forgiven the England striker for the way his contract negotiations were dealt with, after blasting him at the time.

"What I said was that the most important thing was the team, not Patrice Evra or Wayne Rooney," Evra said.

"I never said the players were against him. When someone says they don’t trust in the future of United it caused us pain - but it is behind us now."

Source: DSG

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