Elevenses - Will and Kate step aside; Balotelli dumps his WAG by Text

17 November 2010 10:43
Mario Balotelli is one of those footballers Elevenses is eternally grateful for. Just the perfect mix of of skills and silliness to keep a blog like this in column inches whatever the weather.

And just when you thought today's big romantic story was the engagement of Prince Willy to Kate Middleton, along came Super Mario to trump the whole royal affair.

For those who follow these things, you'll have seen Mario cosying up to Italian hotty Melissa Castagnoli since his mega-money move to Manchester City. As you'd expect, she's rather easy on the eye and has a penchant for wearing as little clothing as possible.

The pair apparently met on Facebook, and the pageant queen followed Balotelli to Manchester to continue their Shakespearean romance in the land of Corrie, Oasis and rain. Anyhow, the affair has seemingly run its course after Balotelli dumped his lady by the medium of text message. Classy.

But Melissa had the last laugh. Having received the messages just before appearing on Italian television, she decided to embarrass Super Mario by reading them out live on air. Here's what they allegedly said.

"I’m back (In Italy) to make you change, but never mind, you’re sunk. Everything is against you tomorrow, bye!

"You’re a stupid girl, the real problem is not a child, but stupid! Say hello to the [presenter], which is good for you!"

Now that's what I call a footballer-esque act of romance.

Source: DSG

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