Elevenses - Maicon RIP: Killer Bale on the Loose

03 November 2010 10:46

Maicon was a flying Brazilian full-back in the mould of Roberto Carlos, Cafu and Carlos Alberto. An all-singing, all-dancing unstoppable force and one of the best players on the planet.

Named among the 23 nominees for the Ballon D'Or and in the FIFA All-Star Team at the 2010 World Cup, the 29-year-old was at the peak of his powers.

Elevenses will accept defending has never been a priority for Brazilian full-backs, but Maicon appeared to be better than most. Under Jose Mourinho he was a key member of the Inter Milan defence who shut out Barcelona on their way to Champions League triumph, and won a fourth straight Serie A title.

He was the living embodiment of footballing success, until a young Welshman named Gareth Bale treated him to a public execution.

Bale's was a crime of two parts. The starter took place at the San Siro, where he single-handedly rescued Tottenham from humiliation with a virtuoso hat-trick, and in so doing reduced his opposite man to a Sunday League clogger.

Watch Bale's first-leg hat-trick.

Then came the main course at White Hart Lane. To quote Andy Gray, Bale gave Maicon "a good old-fashioned roasting" for the full 90 minutes.

Rafael van der Vaart said he "killed" him. It was a "battering", a "mauling", a "hammering', a "romp", a "stuffing" and then some.

Bale dug the knife in and kept twisting it long after the Brazilian's reputation was dead on the White Hart Lane turf.

Farewell Maicon. You were a decent player lad.


Source: DSG

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