Elevenses - Rafa v Roy: Pour some sugar on them

By 02 November 2010 10:30

Elevenses has a headache. Let's get this straight, priests usually wear black. And a mountain of sugar is usually white. So what Rafa was really trying to say was that Woy hasn't got his story straight.

It's all a bit Yoda-cum-Tony Soprano isn't it?

Sticking to the Star Wars theme, there's no question Kenny Dalglish is the force in all of this. Roy claims Rafa didn't believe; that he snubbed the Liverpool legend and didn't even let him on the training ground. In essence, he was Han Solo but nowhere near as cool.

Maybe he was scared Kenny would catch his eye in a five-a-side and he'd spend £10 million on another Anfield flop?

Woy's not stupid. He knows the Kenny card is king and holding it for a few seconds can distract Liverpool fans from the obvious - that his team are pretty rubbish.

If you haven't seen it, here's Rafa's rant.

He's also been quick to point out that his squad is full of "leftovers" and lacks the depth required - which roughly translates as "Rafa brought a load of rubbish players and I'm left to deal with them".

Elevenses can't help but think both managers are losing this one - Woy for making schoolboy excuses and hijacking Kenny's kudos, and Rafa for reacting like somebody who's either guilty of all charges or bitter beyond belief.

There's only one winner in all of this. Fans who hate Liverpool.

Source: DSG

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