Elevenses - Who said nobody likes Gary Neville?

25 October 2010 10:13

You'll find him on page one of 'Premier League t**** and w******s' (Elevenses is currently negotiating a big money publishing deal with Wayne Rooney's agent). And his name is Gary Neville.

In this section Elevenses outlines the reasoning behind G-Nev's unpopularity. Naturally there is mention here of the Facebook group 'I hate Gary Neville', which has attracted over 10,000 fans and rather mischeviously placed the word 'w*****' under a picture of the United veteran.

The group 'We all hate Gary Neville' prefers to go with 't***' as their insult of choice, and currently boasts just over 1,000 fans.

Then there's the group 'Gary Neville is a 'w*****'', which is on the way to 3,000 fans - considerably more than the response page, which is rather cleverly called 'Anyone who joins the Gary Neville is a w***** group is a w***** themselves'.

It's all a matter of taste of course, but 'w*****' and 't***' are not uncommon verbal responses to the name Gary Neville. Far from it in fact.

Liverpool fans would probably go a little stronger. After all, behaviour like this tends to stay with football fans for a while.

But those who thought everybody outside Manchester (ok, Essex, Dubai, Vietnam - wherever it is United fans live these days) hated G-Nev, there was a horrible moment yesterday.

Referee Andre Marriner decided not to send him off after watching him scythe through Matthew Etherington like a Sunday League clogger. It was the kind of tackle that would have got Mother Theresa a yellow card, let alone the most hated man in the Premier League.

But Marriner gave Neville another chance. As acts of charity go, it was spectacular. But more importantly, it served to disprove the theory that everybody in the footballing world is waiting for a chance to stick one on him.

Then again, referees are weirdos.

Source: DSG

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