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Elevenses - Rooney to Blackpool; Why the Premier League needs an extreme NFL draft

Published: 22 Oct 2010 - 10:23:38

The problem with professional it's full of professional footballers. The game is absolutely jam-packed with prancing prima donnas who study their contract on an hourly basis, but regularly forget how to kick a ball around when it matters.

Elevenses is in an Ian Holloway-inspired mood this morning, and ready to fire.

It's time to turn the tables on the Billy Big Boots dictating the game at the highest level, and start developing a new mindset. We're calling for an extreme version of the NFL draft in the Premier League, where every player starts without a club in July and the worst team from the previous season (who didn't get relegated) gets first pick.

In our brave new world every player is paid equally, earning bonuses based on where their team finishes in the league and how many games they play. Nobody can leave a club during that 12 month period.

So...this July West Ham would have stepped up and - you'd imagine - probably gone for one of Wayne Rooney, Didier Drogba or Frank Lampard (well maybe not Lampard). Wigan next, then Wolves, then Bolton etc etc.

Here are five reasons this would be brilliant.

1. Apart from Chelsea and Manchester City fans, who wants to see Chelsea and Manchester City swap titles for the next 20 years? Wouldn't it be brilliant if a couple of great draft picks made West Brom realistic contenders and left City peddling Championship-rate upstarts at Eastlands?

2. Earning more money than their team-mates turns players into egomaniacs and ruins their team ethic. Treat everybody equally and footballers will be nicer people.

3. Moving players around each season will ensure they all know each other really well and form good friendships. England will win the World Cup as a result of the newfound bonds between players.

4. Footballers will have much less chance to cheat on their wives if they're concentrating fully on helping their teams win trophies. Performance-related pay should cut the number of scandals in half.

5. The idea of Rooney playing under Ian Holloway at Blackpool is simply hilarious.

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