Elevenses - Mancini tempts Rooney with 'Sex at the City'

19 October 2010 10:58

Rewind two years. Then imagine the suggestion that Wayne Rooney would be on the verge of leaving Manchester United and joining City, where he could link up with Carlos Tevez and potentially help the Blues win a title?

In the immortal words of Sir Alex Ferguson: "Football, bloody hell!"

But the more Elevenses thinks about it, the more a City move makes sense. After all, Coleen and Wayne don't really strike us as the type to move overseas - not to a proper place anyway.

Sure, we can imagine them in the Costa del Something of other, or living in a gated community in Florida, but not in Barcelona or Madrid. Wayne can't even speak English, let alone pick up another language.

What's more, City actively encourage their players to get with the ladies on a Saturday night - something our Wayne is clearly rather fond of.

Roberto Mancini was never a binge drinker it turns out. "We would prefer to go off with a woman," he told the Guardian. (admittedly a couple of days ago, but we missed it)

"That’s what I liked to do after a match, and I tell my players now it is better that they go with a woman than drink," he said.

So there you have it. A veiled invitation from Mancini to Rooney. He may as well have said: "Wazza, you wanna come and play for City? We will pay you whatever you can count to and you may have the sex with whoever you want every night."

For Rooney it will be like leaving the Old Trafford Nunnery for Benidorm in August.

Source: DSG

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