Elevenses - Wayne Rooney ain't a chav innit; Murphy slams psycho managers

08 October 2010 10:27

Wayne Rooney is dominating the headlines again today, with a couple of Fleet Street's finest dining out on the suggestion Federico Macheda called him a 'chav'.

In an interview with Gazzetta dello Sport, Macheda said, "Rooney is a really great person, he always give me advice, but he's a bit of a coatta."

Now.the Guardian reckon 'coatta' translates almost exactly to mean 'chav' - hence Macheda was digging the knife into to his Manchester United team-mate and kicking him while he was already on the floor. (and other cliches to that effect)

But.the whole thing may have been rather blown out of proportion. Some sources are arguing 'coatta' is actually a term of endearment for a working class, urban-living type. There's also the suggestion Macheda finished his sentence with "like me", but Gazzetta conveniently decided to leave that out.

Either way, as one media outlet correctly pointed out, it's a good bit of filler to hold the back page until England play on Tuesday.

- - -

Meanwhile, Danny Murphy has launched a stinging attack on three managers he says are responsible for roughing up the Premier League.

Tony Pulis, Sam Allardyce and Mick McCarthy are, he says, "so pumped up" they are sending their teams out in a competitive frenzy - and that can only end badly.

Really? Who knew?

Next week, Arsene Wenger and Sir Ferguson will be revealed as sore losers.

Source: DSG

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