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Elevenses - Tevez and Mancini close to blows; Liverpool Red Sox at 100-1

Published: 06 Oct 2010 - 10:18:02

Carlos Tevez and Roberto Mancini clearly went at it in the dressing room on Sunday lunchtime, after the City striker angrily protested against Mancini's tactics.

According to scurrilous gossip site, Mancini told Tevez to "Go f*** your mother," after the Argentine launched a one-man mutiny during the half-time team talk.

City were drawing 1-1 with Newcastle at the time, and the suggestion is that Mancini's 'hairdryder' act was met with criticism of his negative approach from Tevez.

When Mancini volleyed back, the pair are said to have squared up and eyeballed eye each before being calmed by City players and backroom staff.

Mancini finished his rousing rollicking, then retired to his office where reports suggest Tevez joined him and the pair made up. City then went on to clinch the game 2-1 and Tevez shook Mancini's hand in a public display of unity when he was substituted.

No shortage of passion from either man there then.

- - -

Bookmakers are never slow to pick up on potential market, and no sooner had hands been shaken on Liverpool's sale than a superb one-off bet was posted by William Hill.

The bookies has issued odds of 100-1 than New England Sports Ventures, who own the Boston Red Sox, will change the sign at Anfield to read Liverpool Red Sox, when the deal is signed and sealed.

Far-fetched maybe, but a great bit of opportunism and the perfect move to get Liverpool fans riled up.


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