Elevenses - Carlos Salcido is in for a roasting; Bye bye Beckham?

By 30 September 2010 10:52

Sick and tired of filthy hookers and glamour models claiming they slept with our whiter than white footballers? Well here's a twist on a familiar tale.

Remember the 'tart and tranny' party held by the Mexican international team after a recent friendly. Ten players, including Carlos Salcido of Fulham, were handed £2,500 fines for that one.

But the tranny is back. And this time she's claiming Salcido and her (I mean him), had sexual relations. Not just sexual relations, but sex itself in fact.

Yamille Herrera went on Mexican television yesterday to claim he slept with Salcido - and that he had no idea 'she' was a 'he'.

Elevenses can only imagine the kind of fan banter coming Salcido's way in a Premier League ground near you.

- - -

Meanwhile, David Beckham has said he's unlikely to return to AC Milan for another loan spell this season.

Beckham says he wants to continue of returning to fitness with LA Galaxy and will remain available for England.

But the news has prompted many to question is Beckham's England career is now dead in the water.

- - -

Finally it turns out Wayne Rooney is a closet Beatles fan.

The Manchester United and England striker sported a fab four t-shirt yesterday while out and about being papped.

Elevenses had him down as a more of Kraftwerk type.

Source: DSG

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