Elevenses - Match of the Day finds a response; It's not great

27 September 2010 11:12

Football pundits are always looking for a response. Concede a goal, find a response. Get a man sent off, find a response. Get half your leg removed by Ryan Shawcross, find a response.

All of which made Saturday night's Match of the Day compulsive viewing. Having been lampooned by first Stan Collymore, and then most of the national media, Elevenses was looking for a monumental response from Messrs Lineker, Hansen and Shearer.

Everything started well. Lineker introduced his pundits with a suitably trenchant reference to just how 'expert' they actually are, and promised a show full of surprises (from the football at least).

And then David Villa signed for Manchester City. Not an unreasonable thought given City's credit rating, but a howler nonetheless.

"David Silva!" piped up Lineker in an attempt to write Shearer's clanger. It was too late. The good ship MOTD swayed from side to side and all hands were on deck.

Then our Gary forgot to ask our Alan to give his opinion on Liverpool. Then when he did ask him he cut him off before he'd had the chance to say anything. Then it was revealed that last season's goal of season competition had never been concluded.


For those of you who missed the show, Liverpool were so bad they looked lucky to have David N'Gog to call on. And we really didn't need our Alan to tell us that anyway.

And Maynor Figueroa's goal won.

Next week on MOTD.Lionel Messi signs for Wolves, the 1981 goal of the season competition is concluded (my money's on George Best - see below), and Liverpool.are still rubbish.

Source: DSG

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