Elevenses - Stephen Ireland's crib gets slammed; Schteeve McClaren is back

By 23 September 2010 11:12

Morning punters. Any big stories we ought to be aware of today? Anything involving a big-name player and, say, a couple of prostitutes and a threesome?

We make no apologies for leaving Beckham's bits out of it. Elevenses doesn't stoop to those lows - we leave that to Stevie Scandal. READ ALL ABOUT IT!

So let's get started with Steve McClaren's latest trick - a lovely German accent to befit his new role as Wolfsburg manager.

We can't find a decent clip unfortunately - so you'll have to make do with Schteeeve's Dutch accent instead.


Meanwhile, Stephen Ireland has taken a battering in the Daily Mail this morning - for owning 'the tackiest house in Britain'.

Jan Moir ripped into the Aston Villa midfielder's crib after it was featured in a celebrity magazine spread.

Among the crimes to good taste at Chateau Ireland are a pool table emblazened with his name, a hideous cocktail bar and huge fish tank. There's also his pink-wheeled Range Rover and the £260,000 Bentley he brought for his girlfriend Jessica Lawlor to consider.

Ireland had a note weaved into the driver's headrest. How romantic is that?

- - -

Finally, a mention for Germany's latest footballing prodigy - Lewis Holtby. The 20-year-old scored twice last week to take Mainz to the top of the Bundesliga and captains the U21 national team.

I know what you're thinking - Lewis Holtby doesn't sound very German does it? Well it turns out his father's an English military man. Even though he was born in Germany we could still nab him.

Source: DSG

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