Elevenses - Collymore beats up Match of the Day; Jack Wilshere plays TCFS

By 21 September 2010 10:10

There are lots of things we could level at Stan Collymore, but being boring definitely isn't one of them (wasting his talent, dogging, launching a failed rap career and attacking Ulrika Johnson might make the cut however).

Collymore is back in the news today after treating the Match of the Day crew to a monumental public battering.

"I love Match of the Day," Collymore began - as if stroking a kitten before tying it in a sack and throwing it down a well.

"I've watched it for 33 years but, right now in my opinion as a football fan, it's crap, and like dinosaur football, has to change.

"The standard of MOTD is so poor - and sorry, it is - that you may as well Sky-plus it, skip the analysis and use your own judgement."

Much as Elevenses would like to put Collywobbles back in his place, the lad's got a point. Match of the Day is fairly predictable fare these days and the punditry about as intelligent as a double bill of Jersey Shore.

Not like the old days, when BBC football coverage offered up gems like this.

- - -

From past-it former pros, let's turn our attentions to the future of Arsenal and England's midfield - Jack Wilshere.

Elevenses was fortunate enough to be in young Jack's presence yesterday, but it seemed we weren't quite important enough to warrant an interview.or a response of any kind for that matter.

Is it too early to suggest the fame's gone to his head.

- - -

Still, at least he's not Marlon King. Read about his move to Coventry city HERE

And if it's transfer gossip you're after, look no further than HERE

Source: DSG

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