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Elevenses - Allardyce roulette; Blackburn land on Maradona?

Published: 14 Dec 2010 - 10:40:56

Elevenses is not a massive Sam Allardyce fan. Let's rephrase that, Elevenses can't stand Sam Allardyce. So when Blackburn gave him the bullet yesterday we weren't exactly writhing on the floor like the victim of one his team's challenges.

Monitoring the internet like a hawk with OCD, Elevenses was then rather amused to see the reaction of fans across the nation. It wasn't Blackburn fans doing the shouting, it was everybody else. And the message was simple. Don't you even think about bringing Big Sam to our club.

West Ham fans were the most vociferous of all. Bottom of the league, going down, fine. Just don't send Allardyce and his long-ball thuggery our way anytime soon. We'd rather be in League Two.

Then the attention turned to who next for Rovers. Sven? Not implausible. Shearer? Unlikely. Maradona? Please please please say that's on the cards.

The thought of Diego at Ewood Park is enough to get Elevenses excited about Blackburn for the first time...well, ever actually.

Here's what we could be witnessing at Ewood Park...

When you think about it, Diego's the obvious choice. You don't like your big manager who plays kick and rush and keeps it earthy? How about a small one who purveys a wild madness and likes his team to dribble the ball in?

Come on chicken people of Rovers. Get Diego!


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