Chris Hatherall - England may leave a legacy after all

By 30 June 2010 10:05

England may well leave a legacy at this World Cup despite their miserable exit in the last-16 - by forcing FIFA into changing their policy on goalline technology.

Frank Lampard's disallowed 'goal' against Germany, which was several feet over the line but somehow missed by the linesman and referee, has caused quite a stir in South Africa.

And yesterday morning, in a 'round-table' interview with media, FIFA president Sepp Blatter finally changed his tune.

He was adamant in the build-up to the World Cup that goalline technology would not be introduced and wasn't in the interest of the game.

But the mistake by Uruguay referee Jorge Larrionda against England was so bad that Blatter even apologised and admitted FIFA would now have to think again.

He was also embarrassed by Argentina's opening goal against Mexico - which was so far offside that Carlos Tevez was almost standing on the goalline in yards of space when he put the ball in.

"It is obvious that after the experiences so far at this World Cup it would be a nonsense not to reopen the file on goal-line technology," said Blatter to the background noise of hastily scribbling pencils.

"Yesterday I spoke to the two federations England and Mexic directly concerned by referees' mistakes.

"I have expressed to them apologies and I understand they are not happy and that people are criticising.

"We will naturally take on board the discussion on technology and have the first opportunity in July at the business meeting."

Finally, it seems, common sense is breaking out. Too late for England, of course - but it would take more than a video camera to get our lot over the line.

Source: DSG

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