Chris Hatherall - Birthday boy Lampard bored to tears

By 22 June 2010 08:30

I loved Frank Lampard's description of a typical boring day for England players on World Cup duty.

He was deadly serious as he revealed what a dull birthday he'd had and how tough it is being holed up in a five-star hotel in north-west South Africa.

I can empathise a little because as a football journalist all I ever hear from mates is what a cushy job I have and how all I do is get paid to chill around watching matches.

What they don't see, of course, is the high levels of stress, the hours of waiting and waiting - only to be told players don't want to speak to you - and days on end working until 3am in a hotel room before getting up four hours later to drive to another city and another media centre.

But even bearing all that in mind I couldn't help but think Frank's birthday wasn't all that bad. It basically went like this:

Wake up 8am, mooch down to breakfast with my mates. A quick game of five-a-side and a stretch before lunch - and a birthday cake from the hotel staff. Just time for a nice massage before a game of golf in the afternoon, a specially-prepared dinner and an evening watching the World Cup on TV. Rang home to get birthday wishes from the family and a quick chat on MSN - followed by an early night and a good sleep before playing for my country in the World Cup.

Tough life, Lamps! If they put that in the brochure I think a few of us would snap it up…

Let's just hope the holiday lasts a bit longer.


Source: DSG

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