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World Cup diary - Dutch overstay their welcome

Published: 09 Jul 2010 - 06:57:26

The KNVB have been forced to book new accommodation for the Netherlands, as they were expecting the World Cup finalists to be eliminated before the last week of the tournament.

The team had reservations at the Sandtom Hilton hotel until July 5th, the day before their semi-final victory over Uruguay. The hotel extended their stay after the quarter-final defeat of Brazil, but the squad have relocated to the Sunnyside Park hotel, in time for Sunday's showpiece event.


Germany has remained chipper in the wake of its semi-final defeat against Spain night. "The World Cup dream is destroyed. Spain was simply a bridge too far for our young team," reports German newspaper Bild.

"But keep your heads high, boys! Because we'll be bringing the trophy back in four years from the next World Cup in Brazil." That's right; keep talking. In four years time Deutschland, we'll show you how to win a trophy (perhaps).


- Webb to referee final

Blatter rules out penalty goals


The anti-Evra bandwagon is gathering pace, as the fallout to France's disastrous World Cup campaign continues. 

Their former captain Marcel Desailly has proclaimed that current skipper Evra should be suspended for two months, following his alleged role in the boycott of a training session, following striker Nicolas Anelka's expulsion from the training camp by coach Raymond Domenech.

"The captain made a mistake and he has to assume the consequences of his actions," Desailly told French newspaper Metro.

"He decided not to train, before realising his mistake and apologising. He is an excellent player but he should be suspended for two months, because the captain is the first one to be an example."

Raymond Domenech must have an excellent PA team, as he seems to have walked quietly away from the mess that his team were at this tournament. There always has to be a fall-guy, I suppose.


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