Rumours - Lampard romance got Bleakley the sack

By 09 July 2010 07:38

Even my limited football brain understands that Frank Lampard is not the most popular player out there with the fans, but it turns out the BBC don't like him much either.

According to the Daily Star, the mighty Beeb cut short Christine Bleakley's contract after she got together with the Chelsea and England midfielder - furious that she had decided to follow Frank to the World Cup and become a 'flesh-flashing WAG'.

Quite what's wrong with being a 'flesh-flashing WAG' is beyond me, but BBC bosses decided it simply was not befitting of a prime-time presenter to be flaunting it around the nightclubs of London with a footballer on her arm.

"The BBC doesn't do WAGs." an insider told the Star, which is a real shame because I was seriously considering a move to join the six o'clock news team, or maybe Crimewatch.

For poor old Lamps it's another blow to add to the 'goal that wasn't' and the fact that thousands of fans still call him 'Fat Frank', despite the fact he's like a whippet under that football shirt.

Oh dear.

Source: DSG

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