Rumours - Ashley Cole caught smoking and more

06 July 2010 10:09's Stevie Scandal delivers another round of rumours surrounding the world's biggest stars.

Today - Cashley on the fags, Ronaldo's baby mystery and more.

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For the first time in what seems like an eternity I've finally got something other than Steven Gerrard and John Terry to tell you about.

The man you have to thank for that is Mr Ashley Cole, who has been living it up in Los Angeles after England's premature World Cup exit.

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Love cheat Cole, who split with pop princess Cheryl Cole earlier this year, was spotted chatting up a busty brunette at a beach party and then taking two girls home from a swanky LA nightclub.

And as if that wasn't enough he was also caught smoking a cheeky cigarette earlier in the day.

One suspects that Carlo Ancelotti might not be too pleased with Cashley's extra-curricular activities.

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Sticking with the superstar gossip and the mystery surrounding Cristiano Ronaldo's newborn baby continues to intensify.

Ronnie had said that the mother would remain anonymous and that he would be the sole guardian of the child but that hasn't stopped people digging for the truth.

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The latest instalment is that the baby's mother is now believed to be either an American surrogate or a Danish Paris Hilton lookalike.

It is claimed that the Real Madrid star didn't want to share his millions with the mum after deciding he wanted a child.

One thing that is for sure is that the Portuguese front-man will be naming the boy when he returns home in a few days time.

My money's on Cristiano junior.

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Moving away from the boys for a moment and ex-WAG Cheryl Tweedy is rumoured to have contracted malaria after a brief trip to Africa's East coast.

She took precautionary malaria tablets before jetting off but seems to have still been struck by a mild case of the disease after being bitten by a mosquito.

We wish her a quick recovery.


Source: DSG

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