Rumours - Rooney bedded prostitute Helen Wood; Rejected by Samii Darnley because of Coleen

By 09 September 2010 10:29

The second prostitute Wayne Rooney slept with while his wife Coleen was pregnant has been revealed as Manchester vice girl Helen Wood.

- Wayne tells Coleen: I slept with prostitute while you were pregnant / Coleen ponders divorce

Wood joined Rooney and Jennifer Thompson in Manchester's Lowry Hotel for a threesome last year. It is believed she often wore exotic black or red wigs to make regular customers feel like they were sleeping with someone new.

It has also emerged that Wayne tried it on with current Miss Preston beauty contestant Samii Darnley. It is believed that the Manchester United striker made advances on Miss Darnley, a friend of his first conquest Jenni Thompson, when the pair were at Rio Ferdiand's restaurant for a Christmas Party last year.

The pretty blonde supposedley rejected the England man as she was aware he was married to Coleen.

The Sun also reports that Coleen has refused to see her husband after the latest round of revelations, although the pair have spoken on the phone.

Source: DSG

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