Rumours - Shamed Rooney in meltdown; Coleen ponders divorce

By 06 September 2010 07:11

Wayne Rooney broke down in tears and 'begged' wife Coleen to forgive him yesterday, after newspapers revealed the Manchester United and England star cheated on her with a £1,200/night prostitute while she was pregnant.

According to The Sun, Coleen told friends: "My life's in ruins. I'll do anything to make my marriage work," while Rooney's own family labelled the 24-year-old an "utter disgrace".

Rooney is said to have made repeated calls to Coleen on Sunday, promising to address his use of prostitutes and telling her he'd do anything to save their marriage.

But 'friends' claim Coleen has been pushed too far this time, and is considering divorce.

- Rooney tells Coleen: I slept with prostitute

Meanwhile, 21-year-old Jenny Thompson - the girl at the centre of the scandal - has been revealing more sordid details of her 'professional' relationship with Rooney.

"I'd take my clothes off lie next to him awkwardly.and then we'd just get on with it," she said.

"Wayne was really quite plain with his routine. He wanted straight sex with a little bit of 'naughty' thrown in, but not too naughty."

Rooney is also alleged to have referred to then team-mate Cristiano Ronaldo as a "w##ker", when in Thompson's company.

Source: DSG

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