Terry Pierce - 5 Football League volleys to rival Rooney's

15 February 2011 09:29
After Wayne Rooney's wonderful winning goal in Saturday's Manchester Derby, Sir Alex Ferguson claimed it was the best goal he's seen at Old Trafford, while large sections of the media proceeded to foam at the mouth with pure excitement.

Now, I'm not going to claim it wasn't a fabulous strike - it most certainly was - and the timing was poetic perfection, but it's not even Rooney's best goal at the Old Trafford - that volley against Newcastle wins that particular accolade in my eyes.

Having discussed the goal at length over the last couple of days, various fans have cited goals that they think are better. Now goals, especially superb strikes, are always compared and it comes down to opinions.

But, mostly just as an excuse to post some of my favourite Football League goals, here's a list of unbelievable volleys that could stand up to Saturday's winner and, as you watch them, think to yourself just one thing: "Imagine the press reaction if Rooney scored this."

Nicky Maynard - December 26 2009 - A real Christmas Cracker from former Crewe striker Maynard in Bristol City's defeat at QPR.

Simon Cox - January 27 2009 Then-Swindon striker Cox takes down an up-and-under before unleashing a dipping full volley during a routine Robins win against Walsall.

Curtis Weston – 14 March 2009 Former Millwall midfielder Weston unleashed an unstoppable volley top give Gillingham an early lead in against promotion rivals Shrewsbury.

Gary Alexander – May 24 2009 A great goal on the biggest stage. With Millwall trailing Scunthorpe in the League One play-off final, Alexander takes matters into his own hands with an outrageous volley.

Rory Fallon – April 10 2004 Now this is what I call an over-head kick. New Zealand international Fallon went down in Swindon folklore with this wonder-goal in the West-Country Derby against Bristol City.

Source: DSG

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