Terry Pierce - Football League managers' Christmas wish-lists

21 December 2010 09:55
With the big freeze continuing to decimate the Football League programme and the festive season well and truly upon us, there's no better time to share some highly confidential information.

I spent yesterday afternoon on Santa's knee, and while I was pouring my heart out and begging the big guy for a Furbee, my little helper managed to snuffle his bag marked 'Football League Bosses'.

Below is a sneaky peak into some of the best wish-lists from gaffers across the leagues.

Dear Mr. Christmas,

I've been really, really good at work this year, even though this time last year I didn't really have a clue what I was doing, so hopefully I'll get an extra-special present.

My uncle John is super-rich but a bit of a tight-wad and likes us to do things the right way but I think I deserve a treat, so pretty please can I have a striker who can score to go alongside the work-horse I've already got.

I know it's asking a lot and that strikers can be really expensive but last year all I got was some shampoo, which I've never used. Please?

Brian from Reading.

Dear Santa Clause,

I know it's a bit of a strange request but last year I bought loads of new players for my friend Gordon, ones that he really liked and wanted so much. Unfortunately, Gordon and I no longer speak and he's left me with all of these really expensive players.

I tried to convince my new friend Tony that the shiny new players are really good and worth loads of money, but he's had a lot of them before and thinks they're a bit rubbish - so do you do returns?

I'm sure lots of other kids would love these, but I don't want them anymore and nor does Tony.

Yours sincerely,

S. Gibson, Middlesbrough.


Well, I've been a very busy boy this year and have had lots of fun. In the summer I made lots of new friends and helped out those who are slightly less fortunate than me and now I'm back in my home from home.

It's been really good catching up with some old friends, and they've all been nice, trying to help me succeed at work, but I'm still really missing my best buddy.

I have pretty much everything money can buy thanks to Notts County - and it's slightly immoral to ask you for a young, six-foot blonde - so all I want from you is for my best pal David to come back and see me.

Puss och kram,

Sven, 62.

Father Christmas,

I need lots of money, and quick.


Peter, Plymouth.


My name's Steve, and four years ago I met my best friend Paul. He's really lovely and we make a great team but now it seems like he might move away soon, and I don't want him to go.

We've achieved so much together, and been there for each other through thick and thin and now we're the happiest we've been for as long as anyone can remember.

Unfortunately the cool kids from the division above keep trying to make him play with them instead of us, and we're only little. Paul keeps saying he doesn't want to go but one day soon I fear he might, so all I ask for this year is that me and Paul are together for another 12 months.

Not seeing him everyday in his lovely jackets and cravats would bring a tear to my eye.


Steve P, Devon.

Here's hoping all of the bosses above get their Christmas wishes, and that you do to.

Merry Christmas.


Source: DSG

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