Tim Lovejoy - Expect the unexpected

By 23 April 2010 11:18

A month ago Chelsea were out of the title race. Two weeks ago bookies were paying out on us winning it. And now football fans think we'll be lucky to hang on.

Over at Tottenham there were calls for Harry Redknapp's head after the FA Cup semi-final loss to Portsmouth. Fast forward a couple of weeks, taking in wins against Arsenal and Chelsea, and Harry's a god again.

And what about Barcelona? The smug, self-indulgent 'football experts' said they were unbeatable. They delivered mountains of column inches on Lionel Messi's genius and told us to sit back and watch them take Inter apart.

Agreed - Messi and Barca are sublime, but they didn't count on Jose Mourinho, who pulled off a 3-1 victory and somehow made Messi anonymous.

You just can't predict football. Every time you do, the game delivers something remarkable, and that's what makes it the most exciting sport on the planet.

It appears to me we could be living through a golden age right now. We won't realise it until it's past, but football is delivering everything you could possibly imagine in 2010. And we still have a World Cup to go.


Robbie Savage had lunch with Roberto Mancini last week. Apparently the City boss said he had six seriously big-name summer signings lined up and you wouldn't believe who they're going in for.

Sadly Robbie wouldn't reveal on the radio who they were. There's already been talk of Fernando Torres, but who's to say City can't tempt Franck Ribery, or Kaka, or Wesley Sneijder with their inexhaustible finances? There's even been rumours linking them to Cristiano Ronaldo.

Whatever happens, City will need Champions League football to snag the game's biggest stars. Which is why the fourth spot has become even more important.

I'm not saying I want them to do it, but wouldn't it incredible to see the world's superstars turning out in the Premier League every week.

City are perhaps the only club who can compete on a financial level with the big two in Spain now, and the thought of them bringing in somebody like Kaka surely whets the appetite of most football fans.


Source: DSG

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