Tim Lovejoy - The Rooney v Messi debate rages on

By 26 March 2010 06:35

The big talking point around the pubs of Europe recently is who's better - Wayne Rooney or Lionel Messi?

If were a manager with unlimited funds, who would you rather have in your team? I tweeted that recently and the response was roughly 50-50.

Rooney's goal average is 0.84, Messi's is 0.85. Messi's shooting is more accurate, but Rooney shoots more often. And Rooney just about edges it in Europe this season on goals.

It's just too close to call, but it's great to know the two best players on the planet are headed to the World Cup.

One has a talent we've not seen since Maradona, the other has passion and strength in abundance, and an unbelievable desire to win.

I keep going back and forth on who is the better player, but the one question I keep going back to is how would they perform in each other's league.

People say the defences are weaker in La Liga, but I don't subscribe to that. Scoring a goal is always a tough thing to do, and the way Messi goes past people suggests he could do exactly the same in the Premier League.

And the way Rooney has performed in Europe this season suggests he'd do well in Spain too.

Over to you then. Who would you have and why?


All this talk of Rooney and Messi makes me think of Cristiano Ronaldo - who's now playing in the shadow of both.

Real Madrid are out of the Champions League and Ronaldo is struggling to have the impact he did at United.

His Old Trafford exit has been good news for Rooney, though, and even better news for Antonio Valencia – who's been brilliant this season.


Finally, you have to feel a bit sorry for David James, after the Fratton Park pitch contributed an assist on Wednesday night.

We need James to be confident heading to the World Cup, and a mistake like that won't help.

Fabio Capello seems to fancy Rob Green for the No 1 jersey at the moment, but it can't be good that both he and James and playing in poor sides at the moment.


Source: DSG

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